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​​​​Eric Needham (Photographer),

        I started taking an interest in photography when I was in my early teens back in 1946, over the following decades I have covered many subjects and different aspects of photography.

I am now in my late 80s and not as agile as I used to be, so I now utilise my  studio to produce my photographic images. I produce Macro, and Product, images. I also make up images  for Wall Décor, suitable for all aspects, Home, Office and more.                   

I utilise light, shape, colour, texture and movement to create  Bright, Colourful, Inspiring, Uplifting, Peaceful. Relaxing,

 Vibrant, Alive, Dynamic, Romantic, Comical, and Thought Provoking. To create wall decor images with Mood, Atmosphere, and Feeling. 

    These instruction are for worldwide customers / collestors. To Buy prints log into and follow these instructions. Top right hand corner of page there is a

Box with (Search, Art with a drop down symbol, and a search sine) click on Art drop down, click on Artist then enter ericn  

in the search Box then click the search sine. This will show me and 5 of my images, also the words (View More) click on (View More) This will take you to all my images and all information about them size, price, ext.

Please note price includes all packaging and shipping costs.

​All prints must be Purchase from


 I also take commission to design images to suite any decor situation, using Light,Shape,Texture,Colour,Movement.  Please e mail